Feeding our dogs correctly is one of the biggest steps that we can take as pet owners to ensure that our dogs maintain a healthy weight. Yet Freshpet reviews habits commonly held by dog owners that reveal sometimes staying diligent in terms of our dogs’ diet can be a bit difficult if we do not consider all of the most common pitfalls. In this article, Freshpet reviews the easiest ways to keep your dog at a healthy weight and alleviate the unfortunate trend of overweight pets in the US.

Choose Best Food for Pet

Choosing the correct food for your dog is an important factor in their continued health. Your dog’s food should be acceptable for their breed, size, and age in order to ensure that they are receiving the nutrients that they require. For example, Freshpet dog food reviews for Freshpet Select Small Dog often attest to the fact that the recipe was created to be nutrient dense for small and toy dogs’ need to consume more calories per pound than their larger counterparts. Dog foods for small dogs, however, would be inappropriate for large dogs as they do not have the same nutritional requirements.

Use Portion Control for Feeding

When Freshpet reviews statistics for dog obesity in the US, sources reveal that a stunning 54% of dogs in our country are classified as obese, and a large factor in the development of obesity is overfeeding. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight is to make sure that you are feeding the correct amount of food as per their size, and a measuring cup is a great way to consistently feed your pet the same amount without inserting any guesswork into the equation.

Avoid Feeding Your Dog People Food

Feeding human food to your dog can be detrimental for many reasons. Some foods that are perfectly nutritious for us to consume can be toxic for dogs. Some, like chocolate, are widely known to be toxic to our dogs. But some foods like grapes, macadamia nuts and onions are similarly toxic yet not as well known as a health hazard to our pets. In addition to some human food being toxic to dogs, it also tends to be higher in calories than dog food in similar amounts. This means that when we give our dogs food from our plates, weight that they put on as a result can be harder for them to work off.