Dog owners face a dilemma during social distancing measures. The once social exercise of dog walking has quickly become much less social as people make a concerted effort to maintain their distance for the safety of the public. Still, many of us must take our dogs for walks, and it is important to consider some of the ways that we can continue to do so without putting ourselves or others at risk. In this article, taking a break from Freshpet dog food reviews, Freshpet reviews the ways dog owners can continue to get their dogs exercise via walks while we maintain social distancing measures for the time being.

Avoid High Foot-Traffic Areas

If you are feeling well, walking your dog should be a perfectly safe activity provided you follow a few extra precautions. Because social distancing means keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from others, this means that you should avoid places that tend to get crowded even with social distancing measures in place. Freshpet reviews the ways in which dog owners can remain as risk-free as possible during walks and ultimately concludes that this time period may be a great time to skip nearby parks if they are heavily frequented in favor of low foot traffic residential areas. This is a great time to break routine if you usually take your dog to dog parks for exercise and socialization and committing to social distancing during your walks can even lead to you finding a new, less frequented route to enjoy.

Experiment with Routine and Walk Times

With the goal being to limit the amount of people that you encounter during your walk, social distancing is a great time to experiment with your walking routine. For example, consider walking your dog in the morning or in the early evening if most routes are frequented in the afternoon as there may be less people doing the same. If you notice that your usual routes are becoming crowded because of the influx of people that now have a similar schedule, it may be wise to mix things up and choose a new or unusual route. Some opt to take a short drive to a slightly more remote location for walks if they do not have immediate access to a fenced in yard or a walk route that is not seeing heavy foot-traffic.

Consider Alternative Options

While our dogs certainly need exercise during this time, it may not always be possible to take your dogs for walks as often as you would like without encountering others. Freshpet reviews alternative ways in which you can exercise with your dog and finds that, if you have access to a sizeable yard that is fenced in, periods of social distancing may be a great time to walk your dog around your property or play games. For those that are not able to leave the house during social isolation, there are several ways to get your dog exercise inside too. For example, if your dog can be taught to walk on a treadmill it could be an excellent source of exercise for them. Similarly, fetch or light aerobic exercises and games can also be utilized on days where walks aren’t possible.