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With the start of a new decade underway, multiple industries are going to great lengths to identify trends that are likely to skyrocket in the next few years. The pet food industry is no different, as a variety of trends have already taken hold in the space that will only continue to increase in prevalence as consumers become more aware of the importance of quality ingredients and practices. In this article, Freshpet reviews two trends that the pet food industry is projected to increase its focus on this decade.

Increased Focus on Health

Freshpet reviews consumer behavioral trends and recognizes that there is a rising demand for all-natural pet foods, as pet owners have become more keenly aware of the importance of providing their furry friends with foods that feature quality ingredients that are conducive to their good health. Owners are much more likely to read ingredients lists in the present, meaning that brands must make sure that their ingredients are properly listed and labeled. Consumers are similarly much more likely to prefer that protein sources, fruits and vegetables are clearly listed on labels and scrutinize foods that contain an excess of chemicals and fillers.

Increased Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability has become a trend in the pet food industry in the last few years and is projected to climb even more as consumer awareness of the importance of sustainable practices grows this decade. For example, brands have ventured beyond old sourcing practices of using low-quality scraps and non human-grade meat, and instead started sourcing highly sought after cuts of meat, including sustainable practices into multiple levels of the food production process as well. Freshpet reviews the growing prevalence of sustainability and shows its commitment trend by using renewable wind energy for 100% of the energy used in their facilities’ kitchens, saving millions of kilowatts annually. Freshpet dog food reviews as well as reviews of other brands continue to display their commitment to environmentalism and sustainability by explaining how working with green suppliers and vendors reusing and donating unused ingredients to reduce food waste help maintain our planet.