Helping guide your dog through tummy troubles can be a truly tough experience for pet parents. When our dogs are not holding down food well, it is easy to worry about their health and how we can support them to live long and healthy lives. One thing that it is important to keep in mind is that there are always ways to help our dogs find a perfect dietary match for them, both in terms of nutrients and addressing their conditions.

Freshpet acknowledges that, with the variety of dog food options these days, it can be a challenge to find one that perfectly account for the needs of our dogs with tummy troubles. To assist pet parents that are still noticing that their dog is having GI issues, Freshpet includes a few tips for feeding that may help.

Choose a High-Quality Food

As pet parents, it is important that we feed our dogs the best foods possible. For dogs that struggle with sensitive stomachs, this is doubly important as certain foods can wreak havoc on their GI track. If the reason for your dog’s stomach has not yet been diagnosed, consider that an allergy may be a potential reason. In this case, foods that contain fillers, additives, meat meals, or other additions that can cause an allergic reaction should be avoided in favor of foods with high-quality protein sources. Freshpet dog food reviews, for example, speak to how the brand uses quality ingredients that supply the nutrients that our dogs need to stay happy and healthy.

Consider a Grain-Free Option

Some dog foods use grains as a source of dietary fiber, and not all dogs are negatively impacted by ingredients such as rice, quinoa, barley, wheat, etc. Some will, however, develop stomach problems because they do not digest grains well, and a grain intolerance should not be ruled out if you and your vet have not isolated the reasons for your dog’s tummy troubles. Luckily for pet parents, there is a wide range of dog food options that are grain-free, with Freshpet and others providing many different flavors for our furry friends. You may just find that your dog needs a grain-free option to keep their digestive system working optimally.

Try a Food Formulated for Sensitive Stomachs

 Gone are the days where it was difficult to find healthy variety among our dog food shelves. Now, there are options for dogs not only based on their breed, size, and age but their potential health conditions as well. One important thing to realize about your dog’s sensitive stomach is that it may not be due to an intolerance, allergy, or medical condition. If your vet has checked all the boxes for giving your dog quality care and they still have stomach sensitivities, it may be possible that it is an issue that you will have to address throughout their lives. Fret not, however, as there are many recipes out there that are specifically formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs. For example, Freshpet’s Select Sensitive Stomach & Skin recipes are made particularly for dogs that have sensitive stomachs or skin issues. Recipes such as these use gentle cooking methods, fiber-rich ingredients, and easily digestible proteins to keep our dogs feeling happy and healthy.

Get a Second Opinion from the Vet

 If you have tried everything that you can think of and still find that food is not sitting well with your dog, always reach out to a trusted vet that can help you through the process of finding the best food for them. Sometimes an elimination diet is required where your vet helps you isolate all the potential allergies and intolerances and helps you choose foods that do not have these ingredients as a test. It can be a daunting process to help our dogs with sensitive stomachs find comfort and a great food for their needs, but it is far from impossible. Do your best, consult all your resources, and you will eventually find the perfect match!