We all know there are many different dog foods out there, so having a good range of options is certainly necessary when we consider all the factors that impact their nutritional needs. Likewise, as our pets grow and develop, it is likely that their dietary needs will change along with them as well. Freshpet realizes that pet parents want to know which foods will best cover their dogs’ needs to ensure that they are providing them with the best options possible for their needs. Here, Freshpet lists some of the factors that are sure to influence which foods are best for our furry friends.


It is important to remember that dogs do not all mature at the same rate, and age is a huge defining factor for which foods are most suitable for them. Most pet parents know the basics, recognizing that puppy food is essential for growing dogs as it provides them with the additional nutrients they need for their development. Some do not consider that some dogs will require adult recipes quicker than others, while smaller dogs typically come to full maturity faster. Dogs will need different foods throughout the phases of their lives, whether it be as a puppy, adult, or senior. Always try to ensure that what you are feeding them coincides with their life stage to keep them as healthy as possible.


It is crucial that pet parents choose the right dog food for their furry friends based on their breed size as well. Dogs will naturally have different nutritional needs based on their size, and recipes formulated for their breed size are essential for ensuring that they consume balanced diet for growth, healthy skin and coats, bone development, immune function, etc. For example, small dogs often need higher protein ratios per their weight than larger dogs, which is often a surprise for pet parents. Freshpet dog food reviews speak to how the recipes tailored for small dogs include proper amounts of the nutrients necessary for toy and small breeds to live long and happy lives.

Small dogs and their larger counterparts will often require different recipes to take care of their need


Just like how dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, they also notably have different preferences. For example, while we may need to get our dogs some sort of exercise no matter what, some dogs will naturally be more active than others. Athletic dogs or those who need a lot of exercise to feel at their best may require different diets that take their lifestyles into account. Dogs that are less active may eat less or might not benefit from some of the fats and carbohydrates that give active dogs the energy that they need to maintain their active lifestyles throughout the day. Freshpet encourages pet parents to consider the activity level of their dog when they are thinking of their diets. It may be possible that you are feeding them too much, too often, or a recipe that is not conducive to their health.

Health Conditions

While we may not like to think about it, as our dogs age, it is always possible that they will pick up health conditions along the way that may impact their needs. For example, some dogs may develop stomach issues that could necessitate a recipe for sensitive stomachs. There are a wide variety of other reasons that dogs may need a special diet as well. Urinary tract issues, bone or muscle weakness, grain sensitivities, dental problems, etc. are all factors that can impact which foods will be good fits for your pooch. If your dog ever develops a condition that may affect which foods they need to stay happy and healthy, consult your vet to get a list of food options that are accessible to you. s