fall dog activities

One of the best parts about fall is that it allows for us to enjoy a lot of experiences that are truly unique to the season. Freshpet acknowledges that a lot of pet parents get excited about the prospect of letting their pets enjoy these activities as well. Here, Freshpet includes a short list of activities that are mutually enjoyable for both pet parents and their trusted furry friends.

Hikes and walks are a great way to enjoy the best of what fall has to offer with your furry friend. A good bit of exercise allows dogs to burn off energy, explore new smells, and see new sights. To our benefit, these types of ventures let us really soak in the beauty of the season, feel the crunch of the autumn leaves, and get some of that coveted fall air. Always be sure to come prepared if you are taking your dog for a longer walk or hike. For example, make sure to bring waste bags, plenty of water and snacks for both you and your dog, and make sure you are both prepared for the terrain. If you’re hiking or walking in the woods, remember that the area is home to parasites, ticks, and worms that will leap at the opportunity to hitch a ride back with you, so have your dog up to date on shots and medications. Also, remember that it is poor form to exercise with your dog too close to after a meal. Give your dog until at least an hour after eating their fresh pet food for best results.

Snack time in the fall makes way for a variety of autumn eats that both dogs and humans can enjoy all season long. Seasonal favorites such as turkey (unseasoned), apples, sweet potato, and pumpkin can all be shared with your dog in moderation. There is also a plethora of fresh pet food options that feature these ingredients to give your dog a taste of fall as well. While our dogs may not know the differences between the seasons, it can always be fun to share in some of our favorite parts with them. They can sense our excitement and will return that energy right back. Especially if they get a nice treat out of the deal!

One other great way to let your dog enjoy fall is to let them tag along with you when you partake in fall activities. Many fall festivals, pumpkin picking events, and farmers markets allow dogs to be present if they are well behaved and on a leash. Some of these events know that dogs are likely to be in attendance and will also have fresh pet food options available that you can give your dog during the visit. With COVID-19 still in effect, many areas are either cancelling or severely limiting their group-based fall activities. Do not let that get in the way of a good time, though. If your version of an enjoyable fall activity this season is just sitting outside in the cool weather or raking up a nice pile of leaves for your kids to play in, consider letting your dog in on the action.