The beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a surge in ecommerce and deliveries linked to multiple states’ decision to implement stay at home orders. While stay at home orders are no longer as strict and many of us feel comfortable enough to venture into stores, there are a good amount of consumers that still would prefer to perform tasks such as ordering their pet food online. Pet food delivery through third-party and direct to consumer markets stands out as an excellent way for pet parents to get access to the products they love without the need to enter a brick-and-mortar location. Recognizing the need for pet food companies to extend their ability to provide pet food online, Freshpet lists a few reasons why the practice is beneficial in our current landscape.

Keeps Customers Safe

Perhaps the biggest benefit of ordering your dog food online is that it keeps customers safe during the health crisis. Even with COVID-19 cases in some states tapering off over time, some customers are finding it worthwhile to lower their chances of transmitting the virus even more by cutting out trips to the store whenever possible. Limiting interactions when you can is also a great idea as it can prevent spreading the virus if you are infected and do not know it. Ordering pet food online and securing it via curbside pick up or through pet food delivery is a simple and effective way to keep yourself and others safe.

Offers Increased Product Availability

Many pet parents have been in the frustrating position of traveling all the way to the pet store only to find that their preferred dog food brand is out of stock. In the COVID-19 landscape, there is the added frustration of having taken the extra risk to make the outing for it to all be for naught. Fresh dog food delivery through online resources makes the process simpler by showing customers exactly what is available for them to order. Those that find that their local stores are often lacking in options can easily peruse offerings without needing to leave the comfort of their homes. Many companies that offer the option to purchase their dog food online are like Freshpet in that they tell customers which online retailers currently carry their product. This ensures that pet parents do not need to shop around too much either digitally or otherwise to find what they need.

Provides Convenience

Convenience is another key advantage to using online resources for fresh dog food delivery. Some of us have had the privilege to work remotely during this time but, just because we may have extra time, it does not mean we cannot be picky about how we use it. As a result, consumers are seeing the value of ordering their pet food online and avoiding the hassle of needing to make an extra trip to the store. We also tend to purchase a fair amount of pet food at one time, and utilizing online channels means that we do not have to worry about carrying heavy bags of pet food from the store and into our homes. As any pet parent with a large dog can tell you, the weight of those bags adds up!

Gives Us More Quality Time with Our Pets

While all the benefits of purchasing our dog food online are worthwhile, one of the most coveted reasons for the practice is that it enables us to spend more time with our beloved pets. As much as we love spending time making sure that our dogs have the best of the best, it is no secret that shopping around can take a large chunk of time out of our day. Fresh dog food delivery gives pet parents the time to relax and enjoy the treasured time that we have with our furry friends. When we look back on the lives of our pets, we may not remember all of the time spent shopping for their favorite food or treats, but we will certainly remember the time we spent enjoying the gift of their presence.