We know how challenging it can be when your pet is suffering from allergies. So when we set out to make Freshpet recipes, we made our fresh dog food and fresh cat food with options to help pets overcome food allergies.


Veterinarian and friend of Freshpet Dr. Katy Nelson shares her tips for dogs suffering from allergies in the video below.



According to Dr. Katy, there are three main causes of allergens: environmental, fleas, and food allergies. She recommends that you first eliminate flea and environmental allergies as the source by ensuring that your pet is current on flea vaccinations and taking care of any potential environmental stressors in your home. Once this is complete, it’s time to look at your pet’s food.


Often, the first place to look is the label for your pet’s recipe. If there are any ‘filler ingredients’ like soy, wheat or corn, try switching over to a diet that does not have these common allergy-causing ingredients. Fresh pet food is never made using wheat or corn.


Next, it’s time to look into proteins. Many dogs have allergies to a particular type of protein, whether it is chicken, beef, or fish. You may also want to consider an elimination diet at this point, means trying:

  1. A pet food option that only contains one source of protein
  2. Grain-free recipes


If you are looking to try an elimination diet, our Freshpet dog food recipes offer quite a few different options for your dog. Our Vital recipes are what we recommend most often to help your allergy-prone dog feel pet fresh in no time. Vital offers grain- free fresh dog food recipes with unique proteins and single-protein options.


For pets with allergies, we recommend the following Fresh pet foods:

Freshpet Vital Grain Free Beef & Bison Dog Food Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries


Freshpet Vital Grain Free Salmon & Ocean Whitefish Dog Food Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries


Freshpet Vital Turkey Dog Food Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries


Freshpet Vital Chicken, Ocean Whitefish & Egg Cat Food Recipe With Carrots & Spinach 


Freshpet Vital Grain Free Chicken & Beef Cat Food Recipe




Each of these recipes are grain-free and made with a single source of protein; and in addition, these are high in antioxidants and fatty acids to keep coats healthy and help eliminate dry skin and shedding.

We love hearing from pet parents about Freshpet food helping to solve their pet’s allergy issues. Here are a few of our favorite Freshpet reviews:

Pet parent Kristen F. wrote on the Freshpet Facebook page:

Your food has changed my cats life, we tried EVERY single food out there and he was allergic to everything always having bad stomach issues until we put him on pet fresh, WOW what a change, he now leads a comfortable life. Thank you freshpet!!!


Pet parent Charlene shared this Freshpet dog food review:

I have a hairy hairless Chinese crested. She has had skin struggles her whole life. She is allergic to poultry. This results in itchy skin and since she’s hairless it becomes welts. She also has acne and blackheads. She has had special creams, shampoos and vet recommended foods, some luck, but not significant.

I have tried many raw foods but she either reacted or refused to eat it. I thought I’d give freshpet a shot. Her skin is healthy now. She no longer itches and compulsively kicks and her demeanor is better. She’s happier, plays more and has more energy. It’s saddens me to think how uncomfortable she was but so happy I found a relief for her…


Sue C. wrote about her pup Mei-Li’s transformation:

I have a 2 1/2 year old female Pug. I’ve spent a ton of money trying to get her the right food for her allergies and weight management. I was at Walmart and I saw Fresh Pet in there refrigerated section. I read the ingredients and although it wasent grain free. I decided to try it anyway. Even the grain free foods I’ve tried and still her allergies persisted. The very next day after starting Fresh Pet Beef Roll. I noticed her eyes were no longer red and watery. After about a week of feeding this food. Her breathing was much better as her nose wasent runny anymore I will continue to feed this Brand of food. I will try the grain free next.
Mei-Li is visibly a happier dog. And she looks like she may have dropped a little weight. Which she needs to do. Thank you Fresh Pet.


Bob’s senior dog Clio had allergies for much of her life, until Freshpet:

Our 11 year old Bern/Husky mix had a terrible skin/ear irritation problem beginning around 2 years old. The vets solutions did not work so we started adjusting her diet because of a friends similar problem. We cooked her food for a while, feeling she was having a reaction to grains. We then found a competitors product, tried it and saw marked but not complete improvement. We then saw your product in a local grocer and decided to try it. That was about five years ago and she has loved the beef and turkey varieties since. It travels well in a cooler in the car on a road-trip. She has maintained a very healthy weight since. She does not look or act like she is 11.



We hope that you will give Freshpet food a try to help clear your dog or cat’s allergies. As always, please remember to discuss with your veterinarian before switching foods. You can find helpful information to share with your vet on our Freshpetvet.com site. You can find Freshpet Vital Recipes at Petco, Petsmart, and other pet specialty stores.

Has your pet had their allergies helped by Freshpet? If so, we want to hear from you! Write us a Freshpet Review or share your story on the Freshpet Facebook or Twitter page.