We were delighted to witness the historic puptials between Instagram’s favorite dogs, Toast of Toast Meets World and Finn of Friends of Finn, last Wednesday. They have a true love story that can’t be denied. Not only does this power couple frequent the same circles, but they share the commitment of abolishing the hardship they both endured in puppy mills. Their adorable NYC wedding helped to bring some needed awareness to the devastating truth of puppy mills and the Freshpet team was happy to be there and support.

A blurry selfie of the Freshpet team!

The wedding was held at the High Line Hotel. Drinks were served and we all waited patiently for the bride and groom to arrive. We brought our own office dogs Penny and Emma to the party, and they were pretty excited to meet other dressed up dogs at venue. While the guests and the wedding party were adorned with couture outfits, Toast was not overshadowed with her Marchesa gown, Vera Wang leash, and London jeweler necklace while being carried down the aisle by fashion personality Simon Doonan. The marriage was officiated by New York Post’s Cindy Adams, and the wedding party was full of familiar #DogsofInstagram faces! It was a true socialite wedding that was talk of social, even on our Freshpet Facebook page.


Toast in Marchesa | @ToastMeetsWorld

We love what Toast and Finn’s wedding stands for. The event which was highly donation based (did you see the registry?!) and will be helping other dogs in need, which we’re all about! Freshpet regularly gives back to our network of animal shelters and rescues. You’ll see in our Freshpet Reviews the success many other rescues have had with our food. Vital Grain Free Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Egg with Cranberries & Spinach dog food recipe is just one of our many recipes that caters to finicky dogs and provides a nutritious meal. It’s a great recommendation for rescue dogs that are used to kibble, but who need a healthier option of fresh meats, fruits and veggies.

Toast with her mom Katie and “God Father” Simon Doonan. | Zola Registry

This was our first dog wedding that we attended and most likely the first of many dog weddings to come (fingers crossed). There’s no better reason than to get married for a good cause, and for the Fresh pet team to get dressed and celebrate of course!