Role: Finance

Pets: Lacey (Malti-poo)


Can You Tell Us Some More About Your Position Here at Freshpet?

I manage almost all of the back office operations, from computers and insurance to order entry and Accounting. I also find time to dabble in contract review, forecasting and whatever else is needed to support the business. You could say I wear many hats around here!

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working Here at Freshpet?

Well, I’ve been here a while, so there must be a bunch of things I like to have kept me here for this long, right? But in all seriousness, it’s all about the people here. They not only know what they’re doing, but they’re always willing to pitch in and help out their teammates, if needed. Can’t ask for much more.

Tell Us A Bit More About Lacey:

Over the years I’ve had both dogs and cats, but right now, Lacey is the only pet we’ve got at home. She loves coming into work once or twice a week, and shows her excitement on the days she knows she’s coming with me by circling around my feet. She’s surprisingly content to sleep for the entire 90-minute commute I have each day. Lacey loves to take a tour of the office every time she walks in the door, running around to say hi to her friends and greeting people in nearly every department.

I feed her three times a day, so she gets treated to some of the Freshpet we keep here at the office. Her favorite are the Vital Complete Meals for dogs, but she goes crazy for the Dog Joy Turkey Bacon, too.