Role: Freshpet Kitchens Operations

Pets: Pooh and Winnie

Sharon Kohler

Can You Tell Us A Bit More About Your Role at the Freshpet Kitchens?

I’m responsible for ensuring that the ingredients mix is always properly measured for our recipes. Our team will measure out all of the ingredients to add into a recipe, like carrots, spinach, peas, ground oats, rice bran, etc.

We’ve got three to four team members who help with this. We’ve become experts in knowing all of our ingredients, and just how much each recipe requires ensuring it’s the same for your pets at every meal.

How Many Pets Do You Have at Home?

I’ve got two pups at home, Pooh and Winnie, named after the adorable kids cartoon character. They’re both full of energy though and love to run around the house. If I had to compare either of my babies to a celebrity, it’d definitely be Phyllis Diller because of her wild personality!

Which Freshpet Recipes Do Your Pups Like the Best?

I love to give them a variety of our recipes. Most often they get the Freshpet Select Chunky Beef roll and if they’ve been on their best behavior, a few Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats. I sometimes feed them the Vital Complete Meals as well, or even as a topper too. They love their Freshpet and it makes me proud knowing that I literally played a roll in cooking their food!