Greytful Hearts Greyhound Rescue is a foster organization dedicated to finding loving homes for retired, racing Greyhounds. They are a wonderful rescue located in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and a frequent recipient of Freshpet food donations.

The rescue’s main mission is to help change perceptions about retired racing Greyhounds. According to the rescue, “many people do not know how wonderful the breed is and think that if they were once racers, that they must be hyper and high-strung.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Greyhounds, as a general rule, are very gentle, quiet souls who want nothing more than to have a loving person and a warm bed to call their own.”

We recently donated Freshpet dog food and treats to this deserving rescue, and they let us know that they have five new Greyhounds in their foster care program, ready to be adopted! Not only are these pups gorgeous, kind, and cared for, but they also have the benefit of eating fresh food diets, sure to keep them in top shape. All of the information about these foster pups is provided by Paula at Greytful Hearts. Visit their website, send them an email, or give them a call (1-610-562-1353) if you’re interested in meeting one of these wonderful dogs. You can also visit us at Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for latest Fresh Pet videos and pictures.






This sweet red girl just turned seven in February. She ran in 172 races and was a broodmom.






This handsome boy is white with brindle and just turned four.






This handsome white and black boy is three years old.






This gorgeous fawn brindle boy is two years old.






This lovely red girl just turned two in January.