Shopping and eating patterns are changing. People are shopping much more frequently today than just a few years ago. Both young and old have a higher demand for fresh, all natural, perishable foods that are perceived as wholesome and unprocessed. With a demand for fresh and healthy food, more and more Americans are buying the majority of their groceries in the refrigerated perimeter of the store versus the center aisles filled with shelf stable foods.


The growth in freshly prepared food dovetails Freshpet’s mission to revolutionize the pet food industry with refrigerated, fresh pet food for dogs and cats. Just as Americans are replacing their shelf stable dinners for fresh, all natural meals, they are seeking the same for their pets. Pet parents are shunning the rendered meals in shelf stable bags and are instead feeding their pet fresh, refrigerated Freshpet meals.

Our fresh ingredients, including fresh poultry and wholesome fruits and veggies, arrive daily to the Freshpet Kitchens. Next, the ingredients are gently cooked in small batches to maintain their natural vitamins & nutrients. Our foods are then packed in stay-fresh, modified atmosphere containers and quickly cooled to maintain freshness. Our fresh meals and treats are kept cool from the moment they’re made, to the moment they’re delivered to your local Freshpet refrigerator. The refrigeration process is so important to us. It means that you’re getting the freshest recipes for your pet as well as preserving all of the nutrients until it’s ready to be devoured!

Freshpet_Fridge_RenderingWe partner with several refrigerator manufacturers to build unique chillers that are specifically designed for placement in grocery stores with energy saving LED lights, energy efficient evaporators, digital controllers, thermometers and auto defrost. The double pane tempered glass doors allow a consistent temperature that keeps our food safe. Each refrigerator partner uses the highest quality materials that allow colder production temperatures, and lower utility costs in an easily shoppable chiller.

Our fridges also support our commitment to the planet by using coolants that limit our depletion of the ozone. The entire cabinet structures of our refrigerators are foamed in place using Ecomate, a high density, polyurethane insulation that has zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. We are working with our fridge manufacturers to custom build refrigerators with eco-friendly foams and safe refrigerants that are not only nice to the environment, but also provide the best environment to keep our Freshpet foods fresh.

Freshpet Select, Vital, and Natures Fresh are sold in our own branded refrigerated display cases inside 15,000+ stores, including some Walmarts, Targets and Whole Foods Markets.   Owning our fridges across the country allows us to control and maximize the freshness in our foods.  Just like human foods made of fresh meats and veggies, our recipes are kept refrigerated from the moment they’re made to the day they arrive in the refrigerator.