It’s a thought plenty of pet owners have had upon leaving for work or returning home after a long day: “I wish I had your life.” After all, the family dog or cat seemingly spends most of its day lounging around the house while the rest of us are out earning a living. The thing is, pets can get stressed, too. According to, “unusual” behavior is one of the top-level signs to look out for when identifying if your pet is stressed. The solution can take many forms, and reading Freshpet reviews, where you can learn firsthand from pet parents who saw how a fresh diet can improve quality of their dog or cat’s life, should be among steps responsible owners take. states that appetite changes can serve as a clue that something is amiss. Cats and dogs “don’t go on fasts or diets like we do, so it’s important to consult a veterinarian if your pet suddenly loses interest in food or stops eating altogether,” the article states. There’s a good chance that you’re accustomed to what type of food your pet likes and when it prefers to eat as well as how much food is regularly consumed. By reading up on Freshpet reviews, you’ll see how this preservative-free food made from fresh and whole ingredients has made a huge difference in the appetite of pets all over. Whether you want protein-rich slices for your dog or grain-free pate’ for your cat, Freshpet reviews can help explore healthier options that have worked wonders for other pet parents.

Two more signs of stress to look out for are increased isolation as well as sleeping more often. While it’s easy to confuse one for the other, the combination of both should clearly show that your pet isn’t interacting with human as much as before. A dog or cat “that is constantly isolating him or herself from other pets or people may be suffering from anxiety or a sickness. Your veterinarian can help you identify the cause of this strange behavior.” When it comes to different (and increased) sleep patterns, health concerns can be to blame. adds that these health concerns can be dangerous if ignored, so speak to a veterinarian to avoid the complications that could come stem from diabetes, poisoning, liver problems, dehydration and more.

Stress for your cat or dog is a bit different than the stress we encounter. After all, your pet doesn’t have work deadlines, kid’s soccer games and monthly bills to settle. If you’d like to eliminate one source of stress – poor diet – then read up on recent Freshpet reviews to get inspiration for improved meal plans. Beyond that, keep a closer eye on day-to-day behavior and you may be able to remedy stress before it starts to have widespread negative effects.