Role: Quality Assurance

Can You Tell Us Some More About Your Position Here at Freshpet?

My role in Quality Assurance is to make sure our Freshpet food remains nutritious, delicious and most importantly, safe.  Our team here at The Freshpet Kitchens performs a wide range of quality testing on incoming ingredients, the batches of product during cooking and cooling, as well as finished product before it leaves here.  Food safety is our number one concern.

Is There One Particular Story That Stands Out Since Starting With Freshpet?

I’d say my (our) biggest accomplishment here at Freshpet was getting a brand new facility up and running between May and August and then receiving our SQF Level III certification in October.  Those were two huge steps for our team and we’re all very proud of our new status.  Lucky for me, I was the second Freshpet team member in history to receive the “Eager Beaver” award for my work on the SQF implementation.  It was such an honor to be given this prestigious award, even though it made me blush.

What’s Your Favorite Part About the Freshpet Foods That We Offer?

I can’t pick my favorite; it’s a combination between being fresh, having high meat concentration and including common ingredients that everyone knows and understands.  I can proudly recommend our products to all pet lovers out there and know they will be more than satisfied with the benefits of our food.  It’s very rewarding to hear feedback about how many pets love Freshpet and how healthy it’s made so many dogs and cats.  We’re doing something right here, and that feels pretty awesome.