Role: President, Co-founder

Pets: Piper (Poodle, Australian Shepherd Mix), Harley and Simba (Tabby Cats)


What’s Your Favorite Part About Working At Freshpet?

I am so lucky and proud of the work we do to help pets live longer, healthier lives. To hear such positive feedback from Freshpet parents, whether they’re calling our Pet Parent Advisor department or writing on our Facebook page, it’s so gratifying to hear. Also, the jobs that we’ve been able to create in the Lehigh Valley and here at our main office in Secaucus, NJ has been one of my biggest joys – and the Freshpet family continues to grow!

Is There One Particular Story That Stands Out Since Starting Freshpet?

When the company was just getting started, a lady called and asked if it was OK for humans to eat our recipes. We told her that while we do use human quality standards, it’s not really meant for people. She continued to ask us, “Are you sure it’s OK?” We told her we thought it would be, but that we don’t recommend it. We asked her, “But why do you ask?” She replied, “Because my teenage son has been making sandwiches with it for the past week! It has helped with his shedding and he is beginning to listen better.” True story!

Tell Us a Bit More About Your Pets:

Harley and Simba are rescues – and the kids are in charge of naming them, in case you couldn’t tell! Harley purrs like a Harley, Simba is a buff Tabby cat, reminding us of The Lion King, and Rocky is a boxer, but really a lover deep down. Piper is the newest kid in the family and we are so happy to have her. She has super energy, is always up for a good time and is a great friend. We could not have asked for more from our new pup. Her favorite Freshpet recipe is the 6LB Freshpet Chicken, Vegetable and Rice roll, while our cats love the Freshpet Select Roasted Meals Chicken & Beef recipe.