Role: Sales Team

Pets: Ebony, Duchess, Mocha and Hendrix


Can You Tell Us A Bit More About Your Role Here at Freshpet?

I’m responsible for helping grow the Nature’s Fresh brand for Freshpet, which is our offering of products for dogs and cats found exclusively in natural food stores. They’re all Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified, using humanely raised protein sources. I work very closely with our retail partners on determining which products they should carry in their stores, helping establish the partnership, etc. I’m proud to have set up our exclusive partnership with Whole Foods!

Any Memorable Stories That Stand Out Since Starting With Freshpet?

Well, launching our Nature’s Fresh line has been one of my fondest memories since starting here. That was a big, big project, but when we were testing the new foods in the Midwest, having pet parents come up to us and express interest as soon as we installed the fridges was really gratifying.

My funniest memory since starting here had to have been the time I fed Hendrix his Freshpet and instead of walking away from the bowl after he inhaled it, he turned around and peed in the bowl to mark his territory! It was hysterical – he’s never done anything like that! He must’ve really loved his food and not wanted anyone else near it.

Can We Hear a Bit More About Your Pets?

Ebony and Duchess are both rescues, each at four years old. Ebony, our black lab / pit-bull mix is the sweetest dog ever, with eyes that will melt your heart. Duchess could’ve been a fish in another life, as she loves to spend her summer days in the pool, only coming out to eat and drink water. She swims under water for up to a minute! Hendrix is our Maltese / Cocker Spaniel mix who is three years old. He’s got some troublemaker in him, always too curious for his own good. He and a local skunk once had a bit of an incident after roughhousing together – poor Hendrix wasn’t smelling great after that.