Role: Freshpet Kitchens Chef

Pets: Charlie (dog), Zeek, Jetson and Oliver (all cats)


Can You Tell Us a Bit More About Your Role at the Freshpet Kitchens?

Here at the Freshpet Kitchens, I am one of the team members that help run our Meals cooking process, which helps to make all of the Freshpet Select Roasted Meals, Vital Complete Meals and Nature’s Fresh Whole Meals for dogs and cats. One of my main responsibilities is to ensure that the correct types of meats are used in a specific recipe. I also make sure that the other ingredients added, like spinach and carrots, are done so correctly. I’m a mixology master here!

Can You Tell Us More About Your Pets?

My family and I have the perfect pooch named Charlie, and three awesome cats: Zeek, Jetson, and Oliver. Charlie is a lab / boxer / pit-bull mix that we adopted from a farm as a puppy. He is a loving and semi-obedient dog, but he’s fully obedient when you’ve got Dog Joy treats in your hands! His favorite activities include playing fetch and going to the local dog park. He uses his personality (and liberal use of his sad puppy face) to coax me into taking him to the park almost every morning. He’s so convincing!

Zeek and Jetson are rescues from the ASPCA. They love to sleep in the sun and eat their Freshpet. Oliver we got at another farm when he was just a few weeks old. He’s not quite six months old, but on the Freshpet diet he has grown steadily. By the time he’s fully grown he’ll be able to eat a whole bag of Freshpet in just a week.

What Freshpet Recipes Do Your Pets Love the Most?

Charlie (aka the best dog in the world) loves his Nature’s Fresh Whole Meals and the Freshpet Select Chicken Roasted Meals that his dad literally makes for him at the Kitchens! For a special treat, as I said before, he’ll do anything for his favorite Dog Joy treats. The family felines prefer the Freshpet Vital Complete Meals for cats, but from time to time we find the dog eating the cat’s food, and the cats stealing Charlie’s chow! Guess that’s how good fresh food tastes to them.