Role: Research and Recipe Development (Food Technologist)

Pet: Nina



Can You Tell Us Some More About Your Position Here at Freshpet?

I create and develop the formulas for new products that pets love and fit within the larger portfolio of fresh healthy Freshpet products. I research new ingredients that have functional benefits, such as improving vision, creating a shinier coat or enhancing overall health.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working Here at Freshpet?

I know Freshpet is a good company that cares about the health and wellbeing of pets. I love that the food we prepare is fresh and high quality and pets truly enjoy it. And as an owner, I enjoy making my pet happy.

Tell us about Nina:

Nina is very open to trying new foods, which makes her the perfect taste tester, especially when we were developing our Vital® Grain Free Chicken & Beef Cat Roll. I would bring home varieties of rolls, with different proteins and anti-oxidant-rich veggies, and I would love to watch her choose her favorites by licking the bowl clean.

Nina also loves to talk. Not “meow” talk but make funny noises that grab your attention. She gets especially talkative when I open the refrigerator because she knows her food is there – it’s the cutest!