Department: Marketing

Pet: Wiley



Can You Tell Us a Bit About Your Role Here at Freshpet?  

I have been with Freshpet since 2006.  In addition to supporting the Whole Foods business, some of my primary functions have been around packaging, chiller and merchandising design/solutions.


Any Memorable Stories That Stand Out Since Starting With Freshpet? 

Yes, I remember when we reached our goal of 6,000 stores. It was quite a memorable and a very proud moment in our history. At that moment, I felt as though things were shifting and what was once a dream was now becoming a reality!


Do you have any pets? Tell us a bit about them.

We adopted our cat Wiley from a non-profit animal rescue group called FOLAS (Friends of Linden Animal Shelter). Wiley was 4 months old when he joined our family and is an interesting little fellow. He is not timid in the least and spends his day running around our home chasing who knows what, bird watching, napping on the couch (or his perch) and basically waiting for us to come home.


What’s their favorite meal?

Treats! I know they’re not considered a meal, but if Wiley were human, he would definitely be classified a junk food junkie. Wiley also loves Vital meals, specifically the Chicken, Ocean Whitefish & Egg Cat Food recipe.



What’s Your Favorite Thing About the Freshpet Foods That We Offer?

Aside from the fact that it’s fresh, I would say my favorite thing is the passion that goes into making our products.  It speaks volumes about our commitment and care in making the best food out there for pets.