Role: Sales Team

Pets: 14-year-old yellow lab named Sage


Can You Tell Us Some More About Your Position Here at Freshpet?

Well, because I’ve been here for so long, I feel like I’ve done a ton of different things here at Freshpet. Everything from installing Freshpet fridges, to helping manage service requests on the fridges, to serving as a Retail Director. Right now, I oversee sales in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. When you shop at stores like Shop Rite, Kings, Shaws, A&P, Pathmark, Foodtown, Price Chopper, and many more, those are the relationships I’ve helped to build and currently manage.

Is There One Particular Story That Stands Out Since Starting With Freshpet?

When we first started Freshpet in 2006, we were doing our best to get small pet stores to try the product. So we had to hand-deliver the Freshpet fridges, or “chillers,” on trucks that we rented. I can still remember the days when Tom and I would deliver chillers out of the back of that truck. We called ourselves “Two Diegos’ Deliveries!” Those were the days!

How Long Has Your Dog, Sage, Been In Your Family?

We’ve had Sage for 14 years now. She came into our home as a puppy and has been such an amazing addition to our family. Because of her old age now, she has some walking issues. Yet, somehow, come dinnertime and her Freshpet she runs to the bowl like the first day we got her! It’s amazing the amount of energy she still has, we think it’s due to Freshpet. Sage loves her Freshpet Select Chunky Chicken rolls and Freshpet Select Roasted Meals. Also, the Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats are her absolute favorite.