Role: Finance

Pets: Pitbull (Jeanie)


Can You Tell Us Some More About Your Position Here at Freshpet?

I focus on internal and external reporting and work with professional services vendors, such as accounting and law firms. I was also recently involved in Freshpet’s IPO from beginning to end – it was all very exciting.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working Here at Freshpet?

Knowing that we make the best product out there. We are selling something that is the best quality and highly innovative, we’re not dinosaurs here and we’re constantly brainstorming new ideas!

Tell Us A Bit More About Jeanie:

My wife and I picked her at a rescue called Liberty Humane Society. We wanted an active dog, and the adoption agency brought her right out. It was love at first sight and she is nothing short of high energy and full of life. I love when she runs full force towards me when we’re playing.