Written by pet parent Vicky

Let me start by saying our dogs are our kids.  Minnie, age 8, and Tica, age 5, go everywhere with my husband and I. They’ve even been on vacation with us.  However, as much as it broke my heart, our ten-day trip to Maine for the holidays was going to prove to be too much logistically and far too cold for our temperature-sensitive Chihuahuas. Luckily, we love our vet and we’ll be boarding them at the vet’s office.

Minnie and Tica with Mommy and Daddy Vespa

Our picky eater, Minnie, has been eating Freshpet dog food since she was a puppy (and has the glistening coat and the health to prove it!). Our rescue Chihuahua, Tica showed immediate preference for Freshpet Food the day we adopted her from the shelter.  Every meal is a highly anticipated event.  They know when it is mealtime, and will start loitering around the kitchen.  Minnie even suggestively scratches at her food bowl and looks at us meaningfully as if to say, “It’s time for my Freshpet, now!” After the food has been cut up and portioned into their bowls, they both leap and dance with excitement. Minnie is fed first and then Tica is a few feet away. Tica races ahead and jumps in place at her food mat with excitement.

Minnie Left Tica Right

Their favorite recipe is Vital Grain Free Beef & Bison with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries (I actually find it kind of humorous to think of a Chihuahua eating a bison!). We typically purchase the 2 pound roll and cut their food fresh for each meal.

Cooler Packed with Meals

So what to do for our babies when faced with boarding them for several days?  We purchased their Fresh pet dog food in the 5 pound bulk rolls, cut everything up, portioned it up for each dog’s size, vacuum sealed each portion and labeled with each dog’s initial for our vet to dole out for every meal.  We then packed up a little portable cooler with the stacked meals, along with little bags of Freshpet Select Turkey Recipe as back up and a bag of Dognation Turkey Bacon for their favorite daily treat. This all makes it so easy for our vet’s office to care for our fur babies. And, we have peace of mind because Minnie and Tica get the same delicious and healthy meals – even when we can’t be with them.