At Freshpet, we’d like to think that the very best thing about the Super Bowl is the Puppy Bowl. That’s why we partnered with our friends at Barkpost to make these fun, healthy, and easy pre-game appetizers for your dog so they don’t feel left out this Sunday! We guarantee that these wholesome and fresh bites will keep your furry companion content and occupied during the game.


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Shredded Chicken & Beet Bites


What you’ll need:

Our newest addition, Fresh from the Kitchen – Home Cooked Chicken Recipe is a flavorful yet healthy meal – making it a great addition for your pet’s pre-game. To make these bites, slice up naturally sweet beets to be the base. Then spread greek yogurt over the top. The yogurt will help to make the other ingredients “stick” and is healthy too! Next sprinkle shreds of chicken, carrots, and cranberries from Fresh From the Kitchen on top. Feel free to add extra cranberries.


Health Tip: Beets are packed with iron, potassium, fiber, beta-carotene and vitamins A through C. Which means, they’re great for both humans and pups! But they also promote great liver health as they have cleansing and detoxifying qualities.

Meat Lovers Sliders


What you’ll need:

For all the meat loving pups out there, we made a slider entirely out of meat. Yes you heard us right.


Use our Dog Joy Sausage Slices for the “bread.” Then layer in thin slices of our Freshpet Select Tender Chicken recipe. You can use any favorite Freshpet roll, but we recommend grabbing it in a 1 LB size, as it’s perfect for these bite-sized treats. Then sprinkle in shredded pieces of Fresh From the Kitchen. It’s a mouthful that will keep your dog content during the game.


What you’ll need:


We’re taking a fresh take on, well … anything wrapped in bacon! Our office pets love the crunch of carrots, so we thought we’d take it to the next level and wrap them in our Turkey Bacon treats. To make the bacon treat stick to the baby carrots, use peanut butter. Simply spread peanut along the length of the bacon, then wrap.

Want more recipe ideas for the big game? We partnered with Barkpost for some exclusive appetizers – Check them all out here. And if you plan on taking our recipes out for a spin, be sure to take this shopping list with you!


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10 thoughts on “Have your own Puppy Bowl Party!

  1. My dogs loves freshpet food and treats we have 7 resued dogs and some teeth so freshpet keeps them healthy and they love the taste also very healthy for them Thank you so much for the amazing dog food

  2. My dog Cocoa Puff is a 6 year old Pomeranian. When she was younger she had some problems with food allergies that caused alopecia and a loss of her beautiful coat. Giving fresh food with natural, wholesome ingredients from Freshpet has made a huge difference! Cocoa Puff now has a full coat and and is a happy, healthy, energetic little dog that loves life. We would love to be chosen for a Freshpet Puppy Bowl party because we are huge fans FreshPet, football, and the Puppy Bowl! We would love the chance to host a party and share our love of Freshpet products with our guests (both 2-legged and 4-legged) while enjoying the game and cheering on our favorite pups! 🙂

  3. Our dog loves Freshpet dog food! It’s the only dog food she’ll eat as soon as it goes in her plate.
    Freshpet leaves her coat soft and with a beautiful shine!

  4. I would love to win because it would be a honour coming from fresh pet. I have a asexual needs dog naked patchy he suffers from epilepsy since he was a baby, he is now 7. Fresh Pet is all natural you have no idea how much this natural food helps in the fight of epilepsy. Days can be a struggle cost of food us a struggle to meet his special diet and to win this would be so much fun and a blessing.

  5. Rescue loves getting treats and likes to watch me cook cause he always knows he’s going to get a nibble

  6. Freshpet is the ONLY dog food my little Papillon doesn’t get tired of. We had tried brand after brand and after a week or two, he would turn his nose up at them. When we finally tried Freshpet, I knew we had a winner. Yoshi said HE would love to be a winner, too!!

  7. I have an almost 11 year old boxer boy that never leaves my side and sleeps under the blankets next to me too! He detected bone tumors and cysts in my legs far before I knew I had them. He constantly would smell, nudge, and push his squishy boxer nose into spots on my legs and hips. Now that I am being treated, he is suffering from lumps and will need surgery soon. He also is losing the use of his back legs. He is an my guardian angel and he still tells me when new lesions appear. Thank God they are benign on me thus far, but I will never be cleared. Sadly, this time I do not think he is as lucky as some bumps look cancerous. Surgery is expensive and my husband and I were recently laid off, but we will not forget his gifts to our family. The credit card will be maxed out but he is worth it and worthy of winning a gift for helping me daily. He loves Fresh Pet Food and this is a perfect thank you for him. We are like 2 old people (even though I’m in my thirties) taking our pain meds together! I just wished dogs lived forever!

  8. We just adopted our gal, English Bulldog Darby. She’s spent her whole 6 years in a puppy mill being a mama to countless litters. I want to win because she deserves some pampering and getting to know the good life of some well deserved spoiling and fun tasty treats!

  9. i have a 8 year old poodle and a 7 year old maltese that has major skin issues and has allergies to many types of foods. I have been feeding them your food and they love it and have no issues at all. He is a very playful dog still for his age and loves to play. i would love to win this for him and she loves to eat so this would be a treat for both of them

  10. My puppy loves your snacks and his first birthday is coming up! I’d love to to serve them at his pawty!

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