Role: Pet Parent Advisors

Pet: Abby

Genevieve Ferrara

Can You Tell Us a Bit About Your Role Here at Freshpet?

Every day is a new adventure here in Freshpet’s Pet Parent Advisors. As a member of this team, I am the face of Freshpet as I interact with our pet parents each day. I love being part of the pulse of the company as it offers me the opportunity to hear from our consumers, speak to them about the product, and determine what trends we’re seeing in our feedback. Some days that can be very rewarding and fun, while others it can get a bit overwhelming with so many questions! But all in all, I take pride in my role because it means I help consumers best care for their pets, which I know as a pet parent can be so appreciated. It also makes my job so much easier knowing that I really believe in the purity and benefit of our products.

We’d Love to Hear More About Your Pup, Abby:

My dog Abby is a 12 year-old black lab mix that my husband and I adopted from our local rescue nine years ago. We love her so much and she truly has been a joy to have in our family. She is, as we call her, the “Queen of the Castle.” As my husband Rich always says, “The dog took over the house, but not the mortgage!”

Abby’s picky with what she eats, but since I’ve started here at Freshpet, feeding her has been a synch. She loves anything Freshpet, honestly, but I think she likes the Freshpet Select Chicken, Vegetable and Rice recipe.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About the Freshpet Foods That We Offer?

They are free to me as an employee! Only joking. I would say Abby’s shiny coat is probably the most notable Freshpet Effect we’ve seen since switching her to our food. As soon as I started working here, we changed her food entirely to Freshpet and that’s when people started to comment on her shiny coat. Even now as she enters her senior years, it’s looking beautiful – we’re so pleased!