The holiday season is upon us, and with much of New Jersey still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, we at Fresh pet thought there was no better time to spread joy, and fresh food, to pups in need. So earlier this week, we loaded up the Freshpet Truck and set out on a mission to donate fresh food and treats to local shelters in our area.

We were able to provide each shelter with our Deli Fresh Chicken, Vegetable & Rice slice and serve rolls, Dog Nation Turkey Bacon, and Ready to Bake Cookies, which we freshly baked and wrapped just prior to our visits. In total, we donated over 680 pounds of fresh food to these deserving shelters.

Our first stop was Bloomsfield Animal Shelter, where the wonderful staff and a few adorable, adoptable pups greeted us. Bloomsfield is a fantastic shelter with a focus on behavioral development for their pups and kitties in order to make them more adoptable. The staff was delighted by our donation, especially our Turkey Bacon treats, as they explained that healthy treats are key to behavioral training; many other treats contain sugar or other harmful ingredients that make pups hyper and reluctant to train. The treats were such a hit, none of the pups wanted to leave the truck. Bloomsfield volunteer, Nancy, put it best: “Our smaller dogs who had to use the steps were so excited to get the treats. I thought they were going to throw themselves off balance since they were wagging their tails so much!”

Nancy added “Our Freshpet supply was low, but now our fridge and freezer are stocked and our dogs and puppies are a happy bunch.  Our shelter dogs are always special to us and we so appreciate the time and effort taken for them today. What a great treat it was!”

After the last pup had his fill, we set off for our next stop. Mayor Michael Gonnelli greeted us as we pulled up in front of the Secaucus Animal Shelter’s satellite home, within the town community center. The mayor is a pet parent, too, and believes in the importance of feeding fresh, wholesome meals to his family. Not only did we hand out tasty food samples to the wonderful rescue pups of Secaucus, we  also gave goodies to those who just passed by. The pups went crazy for the slice and serve rolls. Sam Adams, a rescue beagle currently up for adoption, was particularly enthralled by our cookies and couldn’t get enough!

We truly had a wonderful day with these shelters. It was great to see how healthy these pups looked, hear the great stories of their progress towards being adopted, and know how much they are cared for by the dedicated volunteers.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

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