As pet parents, we are frequently looking for ways that we can best look out for our pets to ensure their good health. Still, dental health is an often overlooked facet of our pets’ general health, and many pet parents do not know the best ways to keep potential dental issues at bay. In this article, Freshpet reviews ways that pet parents can care for their dog’s teeth in a stress-free manner.

When Freshpet reviews ways to take care of your pet’s teeth, they find that chew treats and an appropriate diet can go a long way towards continued dental health. Dog dental treats are formulated to help remove plaque and tartar buildup that inevitably will start to accumulate as your pet ages, promoting healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath. Freshpet dog food reviews speak to how a well-rounded diet of fresh healthy dog food that contains essential vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes can keep your dog’s general oral health in check.

Pet parents can also take care of their dogs’ teeth by providing them with toys that are designed for dental health. Rubber or nylon chew toys can help promote strong teeth by scraping plaque off of your dog’s teeth as they play. A bonus to using this method to promote oral health is that it also includes playtime, which means that you can bond with your furry friend while helping to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

While some pet parents do not remember to consistently brush their dog’s teeth, it is important to add to your pet care routine as it helps to avoid plaque buildup. When Freshpet reviews the impact of teeth brushing on our pet’s oral health, they find that it may not be necessary to brush their teeth daily. However, the more frequently that you can brush them, the better. One important thing to remember about brushing is that human toothpaste can be toxic for pets, so pet parents should be sure to choose a toothpaste that is specifically made for animals.

Because plaque and tartar naturally accumulate as your dog ages, it is a great idea to bring them in for professional cleaning by a veterinary dentist to keep up with their dental health. One of the benefits of professional cleanings is that the practitioner can tell you if there are any emerging oral health issues that they notice during the visit. A veterinarian can also give you advice for ways to keep plaque and tartar issues at bay. For example, Freshpet dog food reviews frequently mention that some pet parents switched their dog’s food to a more fresh and natural dog food alternative due to their veterinarian explaining how diet can impact dental health.