Some of our dogs really need their exercise, but it can be difficult to get them as much as they would like when temperatures and humidity levels start to soar. We may need to change our approach to exercise to ensure that our pets get the exercise they need despite the heat, and it is certainly possible if we take the opportunity to be creative and attentive in our approach. In this article, Freshpet reviews tips for getting our dog essential exercise in summer months.

Stick with Low Intensity Workouts

While Freshpet dog food reviews acknowledge that exercise needs to be utilized in conjunction with a balanced diet for your dog’s continued health, it should be noted that it is possible to overdo it. When temperatures and humidity levels rise, pet parents should be sure to adjust their dog’s exercise routine to avoid the possibility of overheating. If your dog is overweight, has a darker coat or longer coat, or simply does not tolerate heat well, stick with exercises that do not overexert your pet. For example, shorter walks, less vigorously paced exercise, and remembering to use shade to your advantage can keep your dog cool and well exercised.

Let Your Dog Play in Water

When Freshpet reviews popular summer exercises for dogs, they find that some people enjoy letting their dog play in water to stay well exercised and cool in the summer. For dogs that are strong swimmers, swimming in ponds or lakes can be a great form of exercise provided their pet parents monitor them while they do. Some that do not have access to bodies of water enjoy letting their dogs play in the sprinkler as a hassle-free way to get in some much-needed playtime. Whatever avenue you take, remember to practice safety. This means avoid letting your dog lap up standing water and ensure your dog stays clear of wildlife or situations that could harm them.

Look Out for Signs of Dehydration

If your dog enjoys getting workouts in the summertime weather, do them a favor and protect them by helping them avoid the consequences of dehydration. Freshpet dog food reviews speak to how high moisture dog food in addition to access to water can do wonders for keeping your pet hydrated in the summertime heat. Even well-hydrated dogs can overheat due to the fact that dogs cannot sweat and must regulate their temperature via panting. When Freshpet reviews signs of dehydration in dogs, reduced energy, loss of skin elasticity, panting, and dry mouth stand out as telltale signs that your pet is in dire need of water.