While many conversations have been had on the negative impacts stay at home orders and social distancing mandates can have on our mental health during the pandemic, we have also found that there have been a few inherent benefits to much of the workforce spending more time at home. For example, not only has this time given many of us a bit more time for ourselves, but the situation has also had a variety of positive impacts on our pets. In this article, instead of focusing on Freshpet dog food reviews, Freshpet reviews the ways in which stay at home orders have benefitted our dogs.

More Time for Walks and Exercise

Walking our dogs during the stay at home orders has remained a mutually beneficially activity for all involved and, with the extra time at home, many dogs saw a dramatic increase in both the frequency and quality of their walks and other exercise. Freshpet dog food reviews speak to the ways in which a healthy diet is not enough for maintain their health, and must be supplemented with exercise and other activities that foster wellness. When Freshpet reviews the impact that consistent, high-quality exercise has on our pets and their general wellness, the results are overwhelmingly positive. During stay at home orders, dogs have had the opportunity to enjoy much more time outside while also being provided with a source of entertainment that was not as accessible while their pet parents spent eight hours a day at the office.

More Time for Attention

As pet parents it is always important to ensure that our dogs are receiving the time and attention that they require as social animals. However, with work and our laundry list of other responsibilities, it makes sense that our pets would occasionally find themselves pawing for our attention. Stay at home orders have been proven to give those staying at home more time to dedicate to their dogs. And, when Freshpet reviews the effects of quality time on our pets’ mental health, they find that the attention has a host of benefits. For example, dogs that have ample attention throughout the day are much less likely to find destructive ways within our home to seek it out. The crucial bonding time also allows for our dogs to deepen their connection with us, leading to a comfortable and less stressed demeanor.