When we first meet our dogs, the fact that they will age into senior dogs one day is often far back in our minds. Sometimes we face a bit of denial as our dogs approach senior age, knowing that it could mean that we have less time left with them than we would like. While our dogs reaching their golden years can feel bittersweet, it is a badge of honor for both us and our pets, and we can still share years of excitement and joy with them if we continue take care of them to the best of our ability. In this article, Freshpet reviews common signs of our dogs progressing into senior age, in hopes that pet parents can adapt their care to suit their changing needs.

When Freshpet reviews the signs of aging in dogs, cloudy eyes and difficulty seeing stand out as a common occurrence. Sometimes dogs develop eye cloudiness as they age and it is not linked to health issues, but it is important to remember that it is possible that it is linked to cataracts or other eye diseases. If your dog’s eyes start to cloud and you notice that they bump into surfaces or display signs of discomfort, you should bring him or her in to your veterinarian for a check-up.

As dogs get older, they may lose or gain weight. When Freshpet reviews this phenomenon, they find that experts believe it is linked to a variety of factors such as how they absorb nutrients. Freshpet dog food reviews often speak to how senior dogs may need an adjusted diet and exercise to maintain an ideal weight. Consulting your veterinarian could be a great idea if you notice that your senior dog is losing weight, as it could be a result of digestive problems, reduced appetite, or the reduction of muscle mass.

While dogs of all ages can experience oral health problems and bad breath, the issue is much more prevalent in dogs approaching senior age. Pet parents should be sure to look out for gum inflammation, loose teeth, tooth decay, and excessive drooling as they could be a sign of aging and the development of oral disease. Keeping up with your senior dog’s oral health can seem difficult, but there are a few simple ways to prevent or slow gum disease. For example, Freshpet dog food reviews reference how feeding your dog a high-quality dog food in conjunction with treats meant to help with oral care can do wonders for maintaining a senior dog’s dental health. Dogs can also be taken in for oral exams and cleaning, and some brushing can be done at home with a little patience.