Freshpet reviews

Cats are notorious for not drinking much water on their own, a trait that remains from their ancestors’ desert origins. In the present, many pet parents have learned that they can adapt to their cat’s tendency to not stay hydrated by providing them with water via their diet. Freshpet reviews the dietary habits of cats and acknowledges that diets that are high in water content are attractive to cat parents for several reasons. In this article, Freshpet provides information on ways that a high-moisture content pet food may be beneficial for your cat’s continued health.

It More Closely Resembles Natural Diet: Cats are suited for high-moisture diets, as a natural diet of raw meat can be as much as 75% water in composition. High-moisture content pet foods such as Freshpet and other fresh options keep the genetic needs of your cat in mind by maintaining the same amount of water as they would receive from catching prey in the wild. Freshpet reviews data from animal nutrition experts that suggests many cats do not drink the amount of water they need to stay properly hydrated, and note that providing a moisture heavy diet will alleviate the need for your pet to drink quite as much water to stay hydrated and healthy.

It Helps Prevent and Alleviate Potential Health Issues:  Dehydration in cats caused by infrequently consuming water can cause a plethora of health issues including, but not limited to lethargy, loss of appetite, and depression. While Freshpet reviews several health concerns that can occur if a cat is not properly hydrated, the potential to develop urinary tract disease is perhaps the most glaring. Providing adequate access to water via drinking water and a high-moisture fresh pet food diet helps to prevent urinary issues in healthy cats and can assist cats that have developed urinary tract disease alleviate some of the symptoms associated with their ailments.