The Freshpet Vet site is a portal for veterinarians to become on topics like fresh nutrition, Freshpet recipes, and some of the concerns that surround the fresh pet food category. It a great place to go and get answers to client questions, nutrition profiles on Freshpet products, and feeding guidelines. As a result, veterinarians can gain detailed information on each of our products in order to make the best recommendation to pet parents on which Freshpet food is the right choice for their pets.


You can also learn more about Freshpet’s our mission to create the healthiest and most nutritious pet food available. It also details the step-by-step process on how all Freshpet recipes are thoughtfully prepared in the Freshpet Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA, and the different processes we take to ensure the quality and safety of our foods.


As pet owners seek a variety of sources on what to feed their pets, this site can provide a more in depth discussion on the nutritional side, and can also offer a place to address some of the topics that pet owners come across in various Freshpet reviews.




While pets have different needs and tastes, you can learn the benefits and nutritional information of each of our brands of Freshpet dog food and cat food, to help guide direction on which foods to recommend to pet parents.


Our Vet site also introduces our Nutrition Council team – a panel of experts from a variety of fields that help provide an in-depth analysis on our processes and formulations. The purpose of the council’s role is to deliver the right nutritional solutions for cats and dogs. And from time to time, council members will submit their thoughts and perspectives on pet nutrition – what’s new, what’s trending and what other vets and their clients may be talking about.