Knowing what goes into your furry one’s food is so important. But knowing where it is made is incredibly important too. The term “Made in the USA” means more and more to business leaders and consumers. People increasingly want to see a “Made in the USA” labeled on the products they purchase and are willing to pay a premium for better quality, quicker availability and product safety.



Freshpet makes their recipes in America for three primary reasons: people, quality and customer value. The advantages of U.S. production are numerous:

  • Economic Stability: U.S. manufacturing creates jobs for Americans, and you would not have to deal with the rising costs of labor, materials and manufacturing regulations in foreign countries.
  • Higher Quality: The benefit of having more control over the manufacturing process.
  • Speed to Market: Elimination of shipping time, customs inspection delays, import duties or costs.
  • Increased Control: More consistent product quality due to having the capability of monitoring quality of goods during production.
  • Continuous Innovation: No middleman to manage the development overseas.
  • Safety: Having standards in place to ensure the safety of all personnel. Products made in America are more thoroughly tested and inspected for safety standards.


We believe fresh ingredients are the healthiest ingredients. That’s why Freshpet’s recipes are made with fresh meats and veggies sourced from American farms. We believe where food is made matters. Which is why we build our own Freshpet kitchen, powered by wind turbines and designed to human-grade food standards. It is the only fresh, refrigerated pet food facility in North America. We strive every day to find new and better ways of delivering the benefits of fresh food to our pets while being socially and environmentally responsible.

Freshpet represents how far our fresh pet food has come and how important fresh, all natural ingredients are to us and our pets!

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