As a mom, I spend a great deal of time reading product labels during my weekly trips to the grocery store. My own experiences with food have taught me just how much fresh, unprocessed ingredients can positively impact one’s life. However, as a pet owner, deciphering the ingredients on pet food labels can oftentimes be a confusing, challenging and time-consuming task. I don’t know what some of the ingredients are, where they come from or even why they’re in my pet’s food to begin with. Taking the time to inform myself about the foods I’m feeding my family helps me feel I’m doing the best I can for all members of my family and choosing my fresh pet food is easy when I know and trust the ingredients that are being used. That’s what I love most about Freshpet.

What you start with matters. To ensure Freshpet meets its own high standards for fresh pet food, the team works diligently to ensure that only the freshest, quality ingredients are used in its foods. You will never find processed meals in Freshpet foods because processed meals provide very little to no nutritional value and honestly, they just do not belong in pet food.


In addition to its locally sourced fresh meats and poultry, Freshpet adds a wholesome blend of carefully selected fruits and vegetables to its recipes. You can actually see the real fruits and vegetables in your pet’s dish! Fiber-rich grains, carrots & peas along with leafy greens & dark berries help aid digestion and provide a powerful punch of antioxidant support. Freshpet even provides an interactive map on the website detailing where all of the ingredients are sourced.

As I said earlier, what you start with matters, but what you do with it matters, too. All Freshpet recipes are gently pasteurized and refrigerated, which maintains the nutritional value of the ingredients while naturally preserving the food. You will never find any artificial preservatives, fillers or rendered meals in Freshpet dog and cat food. What you will find are fresh and natural, real ingredients in recipes that are made simply and honestly.


Trusting what I feed my family is important to me because I truly believe the right nutrition encourages positive change from the inside out. I feel good knowing I’m feeding my pet fresh food that’s nutritious. I’m also happy to see how much he enjoys what he’s eating. And, I’m not the only pet parent who thinks so. When I read the Freshpet reviews I find myself in great company with pet parents who feel the same way.

Transparency is at the heart of everything Freshpet does, which is why I take pride in being part of a company that’s so dedicated to doing what’s best for pets and continues to make a difference in the lives of pets everywhere.