At Freshpet, everything we do is to help pets live happier and healthier through the power of fresh pet food. From the pet food that we make to the many Freshpet donations we give throughout the year, our main goal is to ensure that all pets have the fresh food that they deserve.


We hear time and time again of the amazing benefits of feeding Fresh pet when pet parents write a Freshpet Review on our website on in social media. These stories are often incredible accounts of changes in dogs’ and cats’ digestion, weight, and energy levels, as well as dogs and cats having clearer eyes and a shinier, softer skin and coat. Many picky pets become voracious eaters with freshpet food. These changes are amazing and we are so grateful to hear these stories every day from pet parents and shelters and rescues alike. It is even more amazing when a shelter pet experiences these benefits when switching to freshpet food and is helped to find a forever home.

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Our website is dedicated to the stories we gather about how Fresh pet dog food and Freshpet cat food makes a difference to dogs and cats. This heartwarming site is an amazing place for animal lovers, pet parents and those involved in the Rescue and Shelter communities to read beautiful tales about dogs and cats. From donation stories to Tails of Good and letter’s from pet parents, is sure to make you smile.


Here are a few sample stories from


After Switching to Freshpet Dog Food, Labby stopped limping and started running around like a puppy again.


Fresh Pet Food Helps the Pet Rescue Network Save pet fresh Wil


Stewie’s Fresh Pet donation: “ I know it will be a huge contributing factor in saving Stewie’s life.”


We hope that you will visit to read these wonderful stories! Don’t forget to visit our Freshpet Facebook page for even more transformational tales from happy pet parents.