Do you have a new pet or are looking to change your pet’s diet? Will this be the first time your pet will try Freshpet? Are you unsure which product to select? Here’s a way to help you decide which product to use.

Follow these simple steps to help you select a Freshpet food product that will meet all your pet’s health and growing needs.

  1. Go to
  2. From the top menu, move your cursor to ‘Our Foods’ and select My Fresh Selector from the drop down menu as shown below and click on it.

My Freshpet Food Selector

  1. On the next page select whether you have a dog or a cat.
  1. You will then land on the following page:

how you prefer to feed freshpet food to your pet

  1. Select the answer that best matches your preference,
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘next question‘.
  3. Similarly, select answers to the next four questions about your pet’s preferences. This is to help Freshpet food provide you with the right options.
  4. After you select the last answer, a View Results button appears. Click on it.

Freshpet Food Results for your pet

  1. Based on your answers, Freshpet will recommend Freshpet recipes that will meet your pet’s nutritional needs and food your pet will enjoy eating.
  2. Every recommended recipe will include a product description and detailed information on the nutritional value of the recipe. If you click on the product link, you will see information about the recommended feeding guidelines and what other customers have said about this product.
  3. If you’d like to start over, there will be an option to ‘Start Over’ at the bottom of the page.

Finding out what to feed your pet should be simple. We at Freshpet only recommend products that your pets will enjoy and keep them healthy and happy.