It seems a lot of folks are having a hard time locating Freshpet products. (and we don’t like that). People have been reaching out to us through our Freshpet Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page and So we decided to

But before you go crazy with our store locator, let us explain just how to use it. Once you’ve teleported to, click on the tab that says “Find Freshpet Near You.” The next step is to determine what kind of Freshpet food you want for your dog or cat. If you’re not familiar with what offerings we currently provide, we’re about to bring you up to date!

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Here are all of the Freshpet dog food and cat food offerings, and where you can find them.

Freshpet Select – Wholesome and balanced recipes found at grocery or mass retailers. Great for pet parents looking for all-natural, fresh and delicious meals.

Freshpet Vital – Inspired by nature, with a variety of unique proteins, grain-free, and raw options. You can find these recipes at pet specialty stores.

Nature’s Fresh – A fresh approach to holistic nutrition. Thoughtfully prepared, made of carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients that are GAP certified. Find it exclusively at Whole Foods stores.

Fresh Baked – Delicious dry dog food recipes made with 100% fresh meat with superfoods you can actually see. You can find these recipes at grocery or mass retailers.

Dog Joy – Treats for dogs available at grocery and mass retailers.

Dognation – Treats for dogs which can be found at pet specialty stores.

Freshpet brands

Once you’ve decided which offering is right for your furry family member, enter your zip code and the distance you’re willing to travel for the best fresh pet food. Just look out for the brand logo of your choice! Then click on the “Get Directions” link located to the far right of the store you’re headed to, and voila!