There are so many ways to feed Fresh! At Freshpet, we have no shortage of family pups around the office. And while each of these pups have different tastes and needs, there’s one thing they all have in common: their parents are insistent upon feeding Fresh food. After all, if we’re eating fresher, less processed foods, why shouldn’t our pets?

Today, we’re taking you inside the favorite recipes of the dogs of Freshpet.

For the petite older pup

Office pup Emma may be getting older, but she sure isn’t slowing down. She loves trotting around the office, especially when she can’t seem to find her mom Kaitlin. Emma credits her spry demeanor and joie de vivre to her favorite Freshpet Nature’s Fresh Grain Free Turkey roll. Once a picky eater, Emma devours her food at mealtime, especially with the addition of her favorite NEW Freshpet product (which, unfortunately she can’t tell you about just yet).

1391340_756922394430423_410091298_nFreshpet Nature’s Fresh Grain Free Turkey is a tasty recipe made of humanely raised turkey with antioxidant-rich leafy greens and berries. In older dogs, antioxidants can help slow the aging process and have been proven benefits for the aging brain. You can find Nature’s Fresh exclusively at Whole Foods.


For the itchy lady

Penny is a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier who, for years, wasn’t feeling as beautiful on the inside. Penny had an itchy, scratchy skin problem. Until Mom Karina started working at Freshpet and voilà! Penny’s itchy skin faded away as her silky coat started to shine even brighter. Now, she’s a happy pup who can’t wait to devour her favorite Freshpet Vital Beef and Bison. Goodbye, food allergy!

1172361_629910430428854_1192375396_nFreshpet Vital Beef and Bison is great for dogs with common food allergies like grains or chicken. This slice and serve roll is grain-free, with at least 80% animal protein (in this case, only beef and bison). Plus, we add delicious, antioxidant-rich blueberries and cranberries to help keep your pup healthy and strong.


For the choosiest dog

Lacey may be the most spoiled pup in the office (though it’s tough because all of the pet parents here are very doting). From clothes for every season to loads of attention and play, her family is devoted to keeping her happy. It’s not much of a surprise that Lacey has a discerning palate. Her dad tried every type of food you can imagine, with no success. Until they found Freshpet Select Fresh from the Kitchen. Steve loves it because it’s just like a meal he would make for his family, and Lacey loves it because it tastes DELICIOUS.

Steve_MacchiavernaJust like in your kitchen, our Freshpet Kitchen prepares each recipe with fresh, locally sourced shredded chicken and essential vitamins from fresh carrots, spinach, and cranberries.


For the fan of everything

Piper is an aussie doodle with a zest for everything in life. She is so happy go lucky that it’s hard to find her in a bad mood, ever. With her dad being one of our founders, Piper has been eating Freshpet since day one. She couldn’t imagine eating any other food. But because she’s such a fan, she’s tried absolutely everything and loves to mix it up. Her absolute favorite, however, is Freshpet Select Roasted Meals. She loves the chunks of fresh, real chicken and licks the bowl clean. But she always saves room for a few Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats. Her dad says he’s often in a mad rush to fill Piper’s bowl because she’s so excited to eat. Luckily, Roasted Meals come in an easy to serve resealable bag.

IMG_5169Freshpet Select Roasted Meals are made of tender pieces of fresh chicken accented with carrots and spinach, gently cooked to preserve nutrients with no artificial or chemical preservatives.