As is the case with any industry, the pet food space has seen a lot of trends come and go through the years. In 2020, several prevailing industry trends have emerged as consumer behavior has shifted and some pet parents have had a bit more time to do a deep dive into their pets’ diets. Here, Freshpet includes a short list of industry trends that have been observed this year.

Fruit is Included in More Recipes

While Freshpet has included fruit in their recipes for quite some time, in 2020 there seems to be an even larger number of brands utilizing fruit for the benefits they provide to dog food. Dog food reviews reveal that consumers are fond of fruit ingredients in recipes, citing antioxidants through fruits such as blueberries and cranberries as a desirable addition for their pets. Further dog food reviews also reveal that there are a variety of other benefits to the growing trend of fruit in dog food. Fruit can add fiber, moisture, texture, and can have inherent health bonus such as anti-inflammatory properties. Pet food industry experts believe that these benefits will likely mean that the trend of fruit usage in recipes will continue through 2021 and beyond.

E-Commerce is Booming

E-commerce for necessities such as pet food has been a growing trend for years, and the space has only grown since the COVID-19 health crisis began. After all, some pet parents do not feel comfortable visiting brick-and-mortar retailers when they may be crowded, and the ability to have pet food delivered has been an attractive proposition for many. Dog food reviews tend to speak highly of brands that are either available in enough online retailers for easy access for delivery or have a direct to consumer option through their own website. To this point, pet food sales are growing for brands offered through these resources, as pet parents are opting for choices that are easier to find and purchase online.

Alternative Proteins are Being Explored

Dog food reviews show that pet parents have a growing interest in alternative protein sources for their pets, and several companies have begun to make strides in developing more affordable ways to produce protein without having a negative impact on the environment of the welfare of animals. For example, some companies in 2020 have been pushing for experimental ingredients such as insect protein to introduce high amounts of protein simply and effectively. There are hurdles to developments such as these, however, and many of these alternative protein options have not yet been approved for use. While insect use in pet food is seen as a sustainable choice, companies that wish to capitalize on it also must contend with consumer opinion of insect food sources. In the US, some pet parents are hesitant to consider it as a viable option for their furry friends.