Begging and being generally excited for food are almost universal constants when dealing with dogs. After all, food time is probably one of the most enjoyable times of their day. There is a point, however, where some pet parents start to wonder if their dogs are just hungry or if there are other underlying reasons for their hunger. This is especially the case if it begins to seem like it may be excessive or if they already have suitable access to a fresh, natural pet food. Here, Freshpet discusses some of the reasons that your dog may always seem hungry.

Your Dog May Be Testing Limits

While it is not a great idea to automatically assume that every dog that exhibits excessive hunger is not actually hungry, the fact remains that a lot of dogs will still respond to food even if they have already eaten enough. A stomach full of fresh, natural pet food is not the strongest deterrent when it comes to begging for people food that still looks very appealing. If your vet agrees that you are feeding them the recommended amount of food for their age, size, and breed and there are no underlying health issues, it may just be that your dog wants to test the limits to see if they can shake a bit more food out of you. Freshpet advises not to fall for it, as not only is a lot of human food bad for dogs, but it also encourages behaviors that will be hard to stop if they get out of control.

Your Dog May Have a Medical Condition

There are a wide range of medical conditions that can contribute to a dog’s hunger, such as Cushing’s disease, diabetes, bowel disease, and hyperthyroidism. Before worrying too much about the possibility of your dog developing one of these conditions, it is always a good idea to take them to a trusted vet to be assessed. Remember that a lot of the conditions that affect dogs can be treated and mitigated. A veterinarian can help establish a suitable diet of fresh, natural pet food that keeps their ailments in mind and help develop an actionable treatment plan that you can keep up with at home.

Your Dog May Not Have Enough Food

Sometimes dogs exhibit hunger because we are not feeding them the right amount for their age, size, or breed. While it seems like a simple aspect of pet parenting, plenty of pet parents accidentally feed their pet either too much or too little. This is particularly the case when dogs reach adult age and require more food than when they were pups and can also frequently occur when mixed breed dogs unexpectedly grow larger than expected. If you feel as though your dog is hungry because they are not being fed enough, remember to consult with your veterinarian before making large changes to their diet or the amount that they are given. A fresh, natural dog food is an asset to proper pet parenting, but we must be careful to avoid over-feeding of even the healthiest foods.