Role: Finance


Can You Tell Us a Bit About Your Role Here at Freshpet?

Simply put, I manage finances of the company.

Any Memorable Stories That Stand Out Since Starting With Freshpet?

I started with Freshpet from the beginning. We would ring a bell in the office every time we would land a new store location. I remember we would go out and actually install the first fridges, even set up the electrical. At one point we were entering so many stores we had to stop ringing the bell. No one would get any work done if we kept with it!

What’s Your Favorite Thing About the Freshpet Foods That We Offer?

I love that we’re creating a world where our pets are excited about the fridge. Comments from users about eyes being brighter, coats getting softer. It’s truly rewarding.

Do you have any pets?

No pets at the moment. But growing up I had a Husky named Duke and a Collie mix called Sancho.