When we found out Marcus Lemonis, business man and host of CNBC’s The Profit was interested in featuring the Freshpet Kitchens, we were happy to take part!

Marcus’ team was looking for a high-quality pet food to introduce to the owners of Bentley’s Corner Barkery, a small group of local pet stores. We were proud to be an example of fresh pet food innovation to a company that shares so many values with our own . And, we were excited to prepare for the television debut of our very own Kitchens.

Many pet foods would be wary of showing their facilities on television. For us, it’s the opposite. We take such pride in the high levels of quality and safety we use to make our fresh dog and cat food every day that we couldn’t wait to show off just how incredible our Kitchens are.

On the big day, our Co-founder Scott Morris and our CEO, Richard Thompson led the Profit folks (and the rest of America) on a tour of The Kitchens in action and an inside look at how we make our fresh foods.


Bringing quality fresh food to pets is incredibly important to us, which is why hold our facilities to the highest standards. One of those standards is SQF. SQF stands for Safe Quality Foods, and is an auditing standard recognized globally in the food world for both humans and pets (Learn more about SQF here). This year, we completed our annual recertification at the beginning of October and received a score of 97% (out of 100%) placing us at the highest certification, Level 3.

“It was a great accomplishment to receive our initial Level 3 certification in 2013, but the bigger achievement has come in maintaining the programs and scoring a little better each year following,” says Natalie Myers, our Quality Manager. “The entire Freshpet Kitchen’s team works very hard to keep the SQF policies a daily part of our operating culture.  We are very proud of our excellent rating level and will continue striving to improve year after year.”


Marcus and the Bentley Corner Barkery crew were blown away by our facility. “The most professional state of the art food manufacturing facility I have ever seen in my life,” Marcus said. They were impressed by our attention to detail and our commitment to quality fresh food for our furry family members. We were so excited to share our Kitchens with Marcus Lemonis and all of you. We had so many people who tweeted during the show with so many kind words. We even had a tweet from this guy willing to eat off the floor!:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 5.18.28 PM

Watch the whole episode here to see the tour and how Marcus helps Bentley Corner Barkery grow.