This summer, we received a story from the Western Missouri Basset Rescue about Stewie, a rescue pup who was quite worse for the wear. At the time, the Rescue had just taken Stewie in, and he had just tried his first bite of Freshpet.

After a recent donation of Freshpet Vital, Western Missouri Basset Rescue shared with us an update on Stewie that made us smile. Thanks to Chris for keeping us up to date on one of our favorite Bassets!

Chris writes:

Freshpet delivered a donation today, and we are so very grateful to you for letting us be included in recieving this great product. I emailed you in August about our poor Basset Stewie who came to us with very little hair and the few strands he did have felt like bristles from a wire brush.

I am attaching before and now pictures of Stewie for you to see how the Freshpet has helped him. His fur is now like bunny fur. Soft and sleek. Thank you for helping us feed our Basset Hounds they are very thankful for being able to have this wonderfully healthy food that they love to eat.