Role: Freshpet Kitchens Chef


Can You Tell Us A Bit More About Your Role at the Freshpet Kitchens?

I’m in charge of making sure that the recipe that we have for each of our brands is mixed and cooked to perfection. I have at a team of six that help me to make sure that the quality and taste is the same each and every day at work. We strive to make sure our recipes are consistent, so that pet owners know what they’re getting and dogs and cats get the same taste (and nutrition) they’ve come to love at each meal.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Working at Freshpet?

I love the fact that I really can count on everyone here at the Freshpet Kitchens, from the Kitchens Manager to the Supervisor and Quality Assurance team. If I have a suggestion to improve our quality, not only do they listen, but also they often implement it right away. Having such a tight-knit family here makes it feel like we’re cooking with and for our own families.

Which Freshpet Moment Are You Most Proud Of So Far?

I’m most proud of my recommendation to implement a procedure that improved our recipes, for which I received a special Freshpet reward and was referred to as the Freshpet Kitchens “Big Dog” for the next six months. I was also given a trophy in the form of a stuffed animal dog six years ago, which I still have to this day. The fact that Freshpet acknowledges the hard work that I and everyone else here put in means the world to me.