Freshpet has evaluated the growing popularity of ecommerce as it pertains to ordering pet food online.  After all, amidst the current health crisis, pet parents have been looking to simplify some of their routine, free up time, and reduce unnecessary risks without sacrificing on the level of care provided to their furry friends. There are several different types of pet parents that could benefit from fresh dog food delivery service to ensure that the most basic of their responsibilities are taken care of each month. Here, Freshpet takes a look at which groups may benefit the most from pet food delivery in the current climate.

People Who Do Not Always Remember to Restock

Many pet parents have been in the situation where they have come home from a long day only to discover that they are out of pet food and will need to venture back out. This is a relatively easy fix, but an unplanned trip can easily lead to obstacles such as the stores not having our preferred pet food options. While we love our pets and are more than happy to take care of their needs, it does feel good to know that some of the routine parts of pet care can be simplified or automated through pet food delivery. Ordering pet food online can be an option worth exploring for the more forgetful of us, as there are often settings to automatically restock after a preset amount of time. Pet food delivery ensures that you never run completely dry, avoiding the last-minute trips to the store that can take away from your coveted free time.

People Who Want to Maximize Time with Their Pets

The COVID-19 health crisis has really shined a light on what we consider important, and many of us have either established new hobbies or tried to find ways to devote time to our old ones. For pet parents, this means that spending as much time as we can with our pets and soaking up all the moments that we can get with them. Freshpet has spoken to many of the ways in which our dogs and cats can improve our mental state during times that are more difficult for us, and fresh dog food delivery can ensure that we maximize time spent with our furry friends and benefit from the quality time unabated by distracting factors. By simplifying some of our routine errands, pet parents also have even more energy to be the best pet parents they can be.

People Who Have Busy Schedules

With school back in session, some of us returning to work in-person, and a host of other things in swing for the rest of us, life can get incredibly busy and hectic. Pet parents know that there are aspects of pet care that cannot be slacked on, and many are learning that simplifying some of tasks is an easy way to give time back to themselves. Extremely busy pet parents often utilize pet food delivery resources because they free up time in their packed schedules for leisure or other errands. The ability to purchase pet food online and have it delivered in an agreed upon timeframe means that pet parents can enjoy other moments without feeling the need to worry if their pet’s food needs are properly taken care of. When busy pet parents finally have free moments, why not spend them with the people and animals that make our lives special?

People Who Want to Remain Socially Distant

Pet parents come from all walks of life and inherently have their own set of needs as well. In the current landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, some pet parents have diligently maintained social distance for a variety of reasons. Pet parents that are considered higher risk, work in healthcare, live with higher risk individuals, are not feeling well, or are simply consolidating errands to limit risks are avoiding unnecessary trips whenever possible. Resources for fresh dog food delivery ensure that individuals who are staying safe and keeping others safe can still handle their basic pet care needs conveniently.