When you walk through the doors of Freshpet, if the welcoming smile from our receptionist Angela doesn’t get you, one of the dogs running around the office will warm your heart. Every corner you turn you’re greeted with smiles and cheerfulness. We truly do not consider themselves co-workers, we consider each other as family. Always willing to go above and beyond to assist each other with absolutely anything.


Some of the Fresh pet office pups

Somedays you never really know what to expect because there’s never a dull moment at the office. From Halloween costume contests, to us randomly bowling in the office at 1pm on a Wednesday. Our team makes sure to keep the moral up with group activities on a regular basis. We normally hold a companywide meeting at our headquarters once a month. At our last meeting, CEO Richard Thompson decided to make things interesting by having the entire team play a game of horsehoe, and it got extremely competitive.

Working in other corporate environments you rarely see the top executives, let alone interact with them, but not at Freshpet. (At times you wonder if) our CEO has an open door policy, but he’ll most likely make it over to your desk to see how things are going. Richard constantly reminds us of the promise we make to pet owners, and how important it is for us to continue to push the envelope.

Another thing to love about being at Fresh pet is the atmosphere. There’s awesome pet artwork on the walls, and there’s always music playing. It just a fun and inspiring workspace. The kitchen is also stocked with food and snacks, which everyone loves. And if you have a pet at home, you’re always free to bring a delicious and fresh meal home to your dog or cat!

One thing is for sure here at Freshpet, and that’s the fact that we pride ourselves in bringing pet parents fresh pet food. We stand by what we do so much that we’re even willing to eat the food (see the video below!). As you walk through our halls you’re constantly reminded of how important each step is in the process of making fresh dog food. From research and development to our chiller team, each department plays a key role in bringing pet owners the power of fresh.


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