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Team Freshpet Unites in Bethlehem

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When you think of national sales meetings, big boardrooms, suits and ties and other corporate images come to mind. But at Freshpet, our annual sales meeting is more like a family reunion. This past May, members of the sales and marketing team traveled from all over the country to gather in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the location of our Freshpet Kitchens! The quaint northeast town was the perfect setting for three days of work and lots of fun. Old friends and colleagues got a chance to catch up and relax, the Freshpet way.


During the days, every member of the team, from marketing to sales, had the opportunity to present their work in front of the whole team. The sales team focused their presentations on how they’ve grown the business in the past few months. It’s exciting to hear how far our fresh food movement is growing from our sales people. Our marketing team had a lot to present ranging from our new campaigns, new looks for our recipes, and exciting digital projects and partnerships we’re looking towards in the future. It’s always really nice to present to, and be appreciated by your colleagues!


The team also had the unique opportunity to tour our own Freshpet Kitchens, where we make all of our dog and cat recipes. The tour took us through each part of the processes we use to cook our recipes, from cooking to cooling and packaging. And, it was great to spend time with the members of our team that work there day in and day out. For those who hadn’t yet been to our Kitchens, it was an eye-opening experience that gave us an even better appreciation for the work that we do, making fresh food for pets everywhere.


Of course, no team meeting is complete without a little team building fun. We participated in a massive scavenger hunt organized by a wonderful San Francisco startup company called Clash, that took us all over the city of Bethlehem. We broke off into teams armed with nothing but warpaint, our wits and a really ridiculous scavenger hunt list. We did everything from tangoing in front of landmarks, to bodysurfing in elevators, to taking photos with the the locals. Thankfully, little photo documentation exists from this event. But suffice to say that we all really got into it and had a ton of fun.


The three days went by very quickly, and soon we all parted ways again. It was an amazing way to get the Freshpet team to build an even stronger bond. We’re already looking forward to next year’s meeting!







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